July 22, 2021
5-10 min

Zomato: Ads Platform Case Study - Restaurant Partners

Case Executive Summary

Organisation Summary:

Zomato is a platform for users to search & discover restaurants to either eat out or order in. An essential part of the platform are the Ads that help restaurants improve their discovery on Zomato.

Currently, Zomato uses a sales POC to sell an Ad to the restaurant for a fixed inventory for a fixed time, on the platform. This process is manual & given that Zomato is growing rapidly, it is also not scalable.

To solve this, they wanted to enable restaurants to be able to create Ads for themselves, hence the need for a new app for the restaurant partner. These ads would not have a fixed inventory, but would work on a click basis. For instance, a restaurant can opt to get 4000 clicks and he will be charged for every click.


I created product spec & designs for dashboard/tool which the restaurant owners or managers will use to create ads on the platform. This case study contains all designs for the backend ads tool and the product strategy.

Table Of Contents

This document is broken down into 6 main chapters. Feel free to skip to the chapter that is most relevant to your needs.

Chapter 1: Ads Manager – Getting Started :  All you need to get up and running with the Zomato Ads Manager dashboard.

Chapter 2: Account / Campaigns Structure : Overall structure for the account > Campaign > Adgroups > Ads. Also, How to take a more in-depth look at each of your campaign, ad group, or ad and find out how each of them performing.

Chapter 3: Creating and editing Zomato Listing ads:  How to create and edit Zomato campaigns using Ads Manager and to find specific campaigns, ad groups, or ads and the relevant data for your reporting.

Chapter 4: All Mockups: Visual Representation of the Ads Manager App, from starting a new campaign to ordering + Interaction Video.

1. Getting Started : Business Goals & Context Summary

1.1 What is the goal?

Our goal is to create an ADs Manager that enables independent Zomato verified merchants  to create listings, video, review ads on the zomato inventory.

1.2 What problem does this project solve?

This project will help speed up the monitization and help automate current manual / Direct Ad selling system by putting in place programmatic ads.  

1.3 On Boarding Process:  Backend ads management platform for restaurant partner

On Boarding Solution : New Partner Ads Manager App

1.2 Structuring the experience

User will be guided to his / her zomato ad accounts dashboard where there will be a quick overview of your ad account(s). If Merchant have access to more than one ad account, here’s where you can select which account to manage, too.

Ads Manager Dashboard
1. Account Performance overview – Place to see all campaigns metrics like clicks, impressions , CTR , conversions (if defined) etc.
2. Account Performance Graphs – Visual representation of data from campaigns basis clicks, conversions (if defined) etc.
3. Filter / Historical Data –
Can compare historical performance of the account
4. Creatives Recommendation –
Zomato’s creative recommendation for higher performance
5. Ad Creation Toolbar + Bottom Nav –
Consists of Notifciation center ( Ad’s releated ) , Account ( settings ), Campaign Overviews ( see all active / paused / diasbled campaign list).

2. Ads Manager Account Structure: Flow

At Campaign level in the structure –
Merchant should be able to select objective of the campaign where he / she can priortize campaign objective based on the business requirement.

The level below Ad Groups in the Zomato Ads manager account structure consists of ads.

Ads: – What can be adjusted / edited at Ad level ?

  1. Ad  name
  2. Audience selection
  3. Budget for the ads
  4. Placements within available slots  

2.2  Account Structure

2.2  Account Structure: Flow

3. Process design for campaign creation

4. High Fidelity Designs : Partner portal

5. Interaction Module : Setting up ads Creation to post