March 25, 2022
5-10 min

Hypothesis driven product ideas validation

So, why is product validation important ? 

  • Helps test out assumptions if they're true or not
  • Optimise on resource utilisation
  • Helps build the right product

As product managers, we need help the firm save time and money. Hence, validating assumptions helps PM's focus on building something which is needed by the customers.

Next, what do you validate as PM ? 

  • The problem opportunity space- spending time figuring on which is the right problem to work on? 
  • The solution framing space- is this the right solution for the users ? 

It is imperative for any product manger to first validate the problem that we're targeting, before building our the solution. Is it even worth solving the problem, does it actually exist, how big is the problem, what would be the impact ? 

Spend most of your time finding out the right problem, not the solution (Leave that to our mighty engineers)

This article intends to provide a framework for the entire product validation process, in that the framework helps break down assumptions made about the problem into testable hypothesis. (See framework)

Product Validation Framework