Product Vision

Loyalty & Rewards Program : MensXP Club

My Role
Product Manager
March 2020

Overview : Product & Role

Duration: 30 days

Role: Led team of 2 UX/UI designers to create new loyalty module and designs for points integrations with the shopping website. Furthermore, analysed ways users can manage different levers of the loyalty program through cash accrual on product purchases or via shopping, writing product reviews etc.


Designing the reward system and strategizing the point-based system for earning and redeeming.
Creating the information-architecture and user task flows via different loyalty program levels.

Structure of the program:

Through our loyalty program we help users make an informed purchase. We incentivize the purchase of products, users to consume/engage with media and gamify the purchase experience. The basic structure of the program is that users earn coins when he performs certain actions or makes a purchase on MXP eventually helping users redeem these coins on product purchases, unlocking deals and discounts.


A unified loyalty and reward program for multiple properties.

User Case Points:

User earns coins/points for shopping, sharing content and reviewing products.
The coins can redeemed for unlocking exclusive deals & discount, or shopping (redemption) on any of the sites and more.

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